My name is Steven O'Connell. I was the writer on BloodRayne: Skies Afire; BloodRayne: Dark Soul and BloodRayne: Twin Blades and published them under the Digital Webbing Imprint line. My next project through the Digital Webbing Imprint line is DARK 48™. It will be published as a 2-issue mini starting January '08. The second issue will be released in March '08.

DARK 48™ can best be described as Halo meets DMZ by way of The Walking Dead.  It's my rage virus/zombie take on the genre.  The leader of Battle Corp Delta is ANTHEM.  She's from the United States.  Her next in command is TWILIGHT.  She's from Canada.  The two Black Shark pilots are OKTOBER from Russia and PANZER from Germany.  PANZER is also a back-up Medic.  Next up is SOLSTICE.  She's from Spain.  WRAITH is from the U.K. is also a Medic like PANZER as well as KATANA from Japan.  Last but not least is RUFFIAN.  She's from the U.S. and the story is pretty much seen through her eyes and narrated by her entries into her personal journal.
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History will come to know it as DARK 48. It all started when a terrorist cell intercepted and let loose a designer Soviet plague - a virus genetically engineered to attack the Y Chromosome of males, inducing rage. We follow an extraction team...Battle Corp Delta - an all-female strike team - whose mission is to traverse the contiguous lower 48 searching for survivors...and hopefully a cure.
Created & Written
by Steven O'Connell
Digital Webbing